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Features of an ad package
- Full banner advertising, leaderboard advertising and page advertising
- Backlinks from real content web sites
- Web site indexing
- Access to Free Ebooks With Resale Rights
How it works:
- Your ads are shown as full banner ads, leaderboard ads and page ads (full page of your web site).
- Backlinks: Just backlinks don't work, the links need to be anchors to your web site that means the links need to have the content of your keywords (See Sponsor's backlinks). The backlinks are shown on several real content web sites, another requirement for backlinks to become valuable.
- Web site indexing: Bots just visit your site to note that it exists but the further step it that it actually gets indexed at the search engine.
Your url is added to the Backlinks Indexer, at higher ad value even at the new Power Booster!

Adult content, malicious and illegal content is not permitted. The ads can be in any language, they are shown to a worldwide audience.

Become a sponsor and advertise:
1st You need to be registered at the iduzone, if you are not registered yet please Register Here

2nd Please login at the iduzone to become verified or make a financial contribution.


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